Civil law

Civil law

Contractual matters:

You don't want to make any more mistakes when using unverified specimen contracts for your own contracts? Then it's worth getting your contracts drawn up professionally according to the specific requirements of the intended contract.

Legal services in drafting contracts

- Drafting of all types of contract according to clients' individual needs.

- The most common types of contract carefully formulated according to current legislation.

- Drafting of atypical contracts for any situation that the reality of everyday life brings with it.

Collecting receivables:

Larger portfolios of receivables should be left to professionals to manage. Even an individual, substantial receivable requires a professional approach.

Legal services in managing receivables:

- Processing payment summons with a basic legal evaluation.

- Representation in finding proceedings in the courts.

- Representation in enforcement proceedings and in distraint.

Insolvency matters:

More and more debtors are trying to resolve their situation in insolvency proceedings. Debtors in a state of bankruptcy are obliged to file for insolvency.

Legal services regarding insolvency:

- Background research in the insolvency register for the creditor's needs.

- The filing of claims in insolvency proceedings and representation in insolvency proceedings.

- Preparation of an insolvency petition, or combined with a proposal to permit debt relief.

- Representation of creditors and debtors in insolvency proceedings.

- Preparation of a lawsuit and representation in disputes.