For e-shop operators

For e-shop operators

Running an e-shop:

Do you know all the obligations that the law places on e-shop operators?

Do your contractual documents take into account all the legislation that impacts upon your business, especially legislation on consumer protection?

Do you know about the changes that have been introduced in this area in Act 89/2012 Coll., the new Civil Code, in force since 1 January 2014?

Do you continuously adjust all your relevant documents, especially your terms and conditions, to the evolving legislation?

Are you aware of the possible consequences of not adjusting to current legislation?

Legal services aimed especially at e-shop operators:

- A summary of the most important legal obligations that an e-shop operator has, taking into account its particular scope of business.

- Creation of terms and conditions and related documents for founders of new e-shops.

- Revision of current terms and conditions and related documents for e-shop operators.

- Preparation of standardised forms for use in legal proceedings most often associated with running an e-shop.

- Advice on handling everyday situations in legal relations with clients and public authorities.

- Representation in disputes, especially with consumers and IT solution contractors.