Industrial property law

Industrial property law

Trade mark law:

Do you want to prevent your know-how being registered by another business entity?

Legal services regarding trademarks:

- Background research in trade mark databases.

- Registration of a national, community or international trade mark with the appropriate authorities.

- Representation in proceedings at the Industrial Property Office.

- Management of a trade mark portfolio.

Industrial designs:

Are you interested in whether your product can be protected as an industrial design?

Legal services regarding industrial designs:

- A guide to the basic principles of industrial design law.

- Assessment of the applicability of industrial design protection in a particular case.

- Background research in registered industrial design databases.

- Registration of an industrial design with the appropriate authority.

- Representation in proceedings at the Industrial Property Office.


Are you the author of copyright work under the Copyright Act? Are you considering providing a licence to someone else to use your copyright work? Are you interested in using a licence belonging to someone else? Avoid disputes arising from carelessly worded licence agreements.

Legal services regarding copyright:

- An explanation of the basic principles of licence rights focusing on changes due to the re-codification or private law.

- Preparation of licence agreements and related documents.

- Representation in copyright disputes in the courts.

Domain name law:

Are you thinking of registering a domain name? Has someone else registered a domain similar to your company's name?

Legal services regarding domain names:

- A summary of domain name legislation.

- Registration of domain names.

- Representation in disputes regarding domain names.