Price for services

Price for services


Noncontractual remuneration

The noncontractual remuneration is invoiced according to the Regulation of Ministry of Justice no. 177/1996, Lawyer's Fee as amended, when there is no remuneration or way of its setting determined with a client.

Contractual remuneration

The contractual remuneration is set upon mutual agreement between the lawyer and a client depending on legal and time intensity of the given legal service. The remuneration may be agreed for acts, hour or as flat-rate or share.


Remuneration per act

The remuneration per acts is set by a fixed rate for performance of a certain act

of legal service (for instance preparation of legal action, contract etc.).


Remuneration per hour

The remuneration per hour is set as multiple of hour rate and number of hours consumed by the lawyer in performance of concrete legal service. The hourly rate is set subject to difficultness.


Flat-rate remuneration

The flat-rate remuneration for legal services is contracted in case of a long-term provision of legal services namely to corporate bodies and physical persons –entrepreneurs. In this case the remuneration is paid on monthly base regardless the amount of provided legal services in the given month. The flat-rate remuneration is suitable for clients who regularly need legal services and who would pay in case of immediate need far more higher cost for legal services in the given period.


Share remuneration

The share remuneration is agreed between the lawyer and a client as a share on result of the matter (i.e. by percentage from the claim admitted within the matter). In this case the client can be sure he will not pay more than expected in consequence of unexpected complications. In addition to the remuneration any client is invoiced for cash expenses related to the provided legal service (for example travel expenses, court and regulation fees, compensation for missed time, postage expenses, translations and expert opinions and others).