Civil law:

Contractual matters:

You don't want to make any more mistakes when using unverified specimen contracts for your own contracts? Then it's worth getting your contracts drawn up professionally according to the specific requirements of the intended contract.

Legal services in drafting contracts

- Drafting of all types of contract according to clients' individual needs.

- The most common types of contract carefully formulated according to current legislation.

- Drafting of atypical contracts for any situation that the reality of everyday life brings with it.

Collecting receivables:

Larger portfolios of receivables should be left to professionals to manage. Even an individual, substantial receivable requires a professional approach.

Legal services in managing receivables:

- Processing payment summons with a basic legal evaluation.

- Representation in finding proceedings in the courts.

- Representation in enforcement proceedings and in distraint.

Insolvency matters:

More and more debtors are trying to resolve their situation in insolvency proceedings. Debtors in a state of bankruptcy are obliged to file for insolvency.

Legal services regarding insolvency:

- Background research in the insolvency register for the creditor's needs.

- The filing of claims in insolvency proceedings and representation in insolvency proceedings.

- Preparation of an insolvency petition, or combined with a proposal to permit debt relief.

- Representation of creditors and debtors in insolvency proceedings.

- Preparation of a lawsuit and representation in disputes.


For e-shop operators:

Running an e-shop:

Do you know all the obligations that the law places on e-shop operators?

Do your contractual documents take into account all the legislation that impacts upon your business, especially legislation on consumer protection?

Do you know about the changes that have been introduced in this area in Act 89/2012 Coll., the new Civil Code, in force since 1 January 2014?

Do you continuously adjust all your relevant documents, especially your terms and conditions, to the evolving legislation?

Are you aware of the possible consequences of not adjusting to current legislation?

Legal services aimed especially at e-shop operators:

- A summary of the most important legal obligations that an e-shop operator has, taking into account its particular scope of business.

- Creation of terms and conditions and related documents for founders of new e-shops.

- Revision of current terms and conditions and related documents for e-shop operators.

- Preparation of standardised forms for use in legal proceedings most often associated with running an e-shop.

- Advice on handling everyday situations in legal relations with clients and public authorities.

- Representation in disputes, especially with consumers and IT solution contractors.


Property law:

Are you thinking about selling or buying real estate? Do you need to create a lien on your property? Do you intend to rent a property or, on the contrary, do you intend to rent out your own property?

Legal services for legal proceedings relating to property:

- A guide to the amendments to property legislation with regard to the re-codification of private law coming into force.

- Drafting or revision of purchase contracts.

- Drafting or revision of escrow agreements.

- Drafting or revision of reservation contracts.

- Drafting or revision of mortgage contracts.

- Drafting or revision of lease and sublease agreements.

- Attorney safekeeping of funds or documents.

- Preparation of proposals for entry in the property register.


Company law:

Establishing a new company:

Are you planning on starting business by participating in a business corporation? A new company should be established according to your specific requirements, and not according to a model. When establishing a new company where you are going to be the first shareholders and the first executive officers, avoid the risk of having unwanted obligations which may otherwise only come to light after several years of successfully doing business. By establishing a new company to meet your requirements you will avoid subsequent costs in adapting to an already existing company. The consequences of inappropriate wording in your founding documents could haunt you for a long time and the cost of removing it could be considerable.

Legal services aimed at new entrepreneurs:

- Establishment of a new company according to your individual requirements, including preparing all related documents.

- When setting up a tailor-made company the client is the first shareholder and the first executive officer.

Corporate agenda of existing companies:

Does your company need changes made to it? Are you managing your company's corporate agenda according to effective legislation? Do you know which documents have to be filed in the commercial register's collection of documents?

Legal services focusing on the everyday corporate agenda:

- Adjustments to founding legal acts, especially with regard to the re-codification of private law effective since January 2014.

- Other amendments to the most important corporate documents.

- Preparation of documents for a change of registered office, a change to the composition of statutory bodies, an amendment to the registered capital, a change in the scope of business.

- Company changes entered in the commercial register.

- Advice on the scope and content of documents that have to be filed in the commercial register's collection of documents.

Share transfers:

Are you thinking of buying or selling a business corporation? Mistakes made in the process of changing the owner of a business corporation can have dire consequences.

Legal services for the transfer of a company or share:

- Comprehensive administration of the process of selling or buying a share in a limited liability company or shares in a joint stock company according to the client's specific requirements, including the relevant entries in the commercial register.

Commercial company transformations:

Are you considering merging companies or dividing a company? Leave all the legal matters to a specialist.

Legal services regarding company transformations:

- Comprehensive administration of the transformation of a company, from drawing up a time schedule to registering the transformation in the commercial register.


Industrial property law:

Trade mark law:

Do you want to prevent your know-how being registered by another business entity?

Legal services regarding trademarks:

- Background research in trade mark databases.

- Registration of a national, community or international trade mark with the appropriate authorities.

- Representation in proceedings at the Industrial Property Office.

- Management of a trade mark portfolio.

Industrial designs:

Are you interested in whether your product can be protected as an industrial design?

Legal services regarding industrial designs:

- A guide to the basic principles of industrial design law.

- Assessment of the applicability of industrial design protection in a particular case.

- Background research in registered industrial design databases.

- Registration of an industrial design with the appropriate authority.

- Representation in proceedings at the Industrial Property Office.


Are you the author of copyright work under the Copyright Act? Are you considering providing a licence to someone else to use your copyright work? Are you interested in using a licence belonging to someone else? Avoid disputes arising from carelessly worded licence agreements.

Legal services regarding copyright:

- An explanation of the basic principles of licence rights focusing on changes due to the re-codification or private law.

- Preparation of licence agreements and related documents.

- Representation in copyright disputes in the courts.

Domain name law:

Are you thinking of registering a domain name? Has someone else registered a domain similar to your company's name?

Legal services regarding domain names:

- A summary of domain name legislation.

- Registration of domain names.

- Representation in disputes regarding domain names.


Employment law:

Do you want to avoid errors caused by using inappropriate employment document models?

Do you know about the latest in employment law relating to the re-codification of private law?
Do you have employees? If you do, are your employment document models up-to-date and suitable for you? Do they reflect new civil law legislation?

Legal services focusing on employment law:

- A guide to amendments to the legislation on employment relations with regard to the re-codification of private law effective since January 2014.

- Preparation of employment contracts, work agreements and contracts for work.

- Preparation of management contracts.

- Preparation of legal acts by an employer or employee due to changes to or the termination of employment relations.

- Representation in labour disputes in the courts, especially disputes over pay and disputes over the invalidity of legal acts (for example, dismissal from employment and immediate termination of employment).

- Advice on everyday situations arising from employment relations.


Media law:

Are you involved in marketing and advertising? You don't want to underestimate the legal aspect of your activities and you want to avoid possible damage?

Legal services regarding media law:

  • Legal advice on preparing an advertising campaign, including new marketing media.

  • Legal advice on consumer competitions.

  • Assessment of campaigns from the perspective of unfair competition law, consumer protection, the Advertising Regulation Act, trademarks.